Vulnerable Families

What We’re Doing

WSJA has partnered with a local ministry for single parents, which locates resources to help the families pay rent, utilities, car bills and purchase groceries in times of need, as well as collect furniture and other items to help them get back on their feet. They also support parents in their job-searching efforts if necessary, or in figuring out how to apply for food stamps and other types of regular assistance.

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  • GraceWorks Ministries
    GraceWorks Ministries, Inc. is a central place to send people who need help with food, clothing and financial assistance. By pooling church resources with private and public sectors, GraceWorks is able to provide more help for many needs to better serve our community.
  • The Refuge Center
    The Refuge Center for Counseling seeks to empower, educate and support individuals, couples and families in need.
  • Safe Families for Children
    When a family is in crisis, kids can become vulnerable to neglect and abuse. No family should experience this. Through the Safe Families for Children ministry, volunteer Host Families offer loving care to parents, watching over their children while the parents regain stability.