Racial Equality

What We’re Doing

WSJA is currently supporting the efforts of existing organizations in this area as opportunities arise, while brainstorming ways that we can support our brothers and sisters of color.

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  • Black Lives Matter Franklin
  • Empty Hands Fellowship
  • Franklin Justice and Equity Coalition
    FJEC exists to ensure Justice for current (and) future generations in Franklin and Williamson County.
  • Franklin Teens for Justice
    Franklin girls wanting to make a difference in the world.
  • Hard Bargain Association
    The mission of Hard Bargain Association is to preserve the historic Hard Bargain neighborhood of Franklin by renovating existing homes, building high quality affordable housing, and enriching the lives of our neighbors.
  • Mercy Children’s Clinic
  • One WillCo
    At One WillCo, we dialogue across racial, political, and religious lines, sharing ideas so our proposed solutions actually address the right problems. We work to educate ourselves and others about the complicated racial equity issues schools face. We research the problem of racism in schools and present actionable solutions, working to save our community money and steward our collective resources well.
  • Students for Black Empowerment
  • The Fuller Story
    A Fuller Story, founded by two Black pastors and two White leaders in Franklin decided to work together along with Franklin’s mayor and administrators in an effort to build unity in Franklin.
  • The Public
    The Public promotes anti-racism through education, advocacy and action so that Franklin experiences healing, equity and justice for all its residents.
  • The Red Road
    The Red Road exists to empower and minister hope to Native communities. We also strive to raise awareness and educate the public about the extensive history and current condition of the Native American culture, reshaping perceptions of our often misunderstood people.