Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Williamson Social Justice Alliance Releases Statement Regarding Jay Galbreath, WCS Board Member

July 12, 2022 – Franklin, TN Williamson Social Justice Alliance (WSJA) is releasing a public statement condemning the comments made by Williamson County School Board member, Jay Galbreath, regarding the LGBTQ community.

Galbreath’s comments on his public Facebook page stated that the progressive agenda looks to “inject and normalize things like gender identity, the black lives matter movement, and LGBTQ by weaving it into the curriculum.”1 Words like these from an elected official marginalize all of the queer students in our community, as well as students with queer parents, by shaming them and stating other children must be shielded from the knowledge of their existence. Such disregard from an adult, especially one who serves as an elected official responsible for representing a diverse array of constituents in a large community like Williamson County, leads to further division and exclusion in our schools and society as a whole.

WSJA and its LGBTQ+ high school safe space group, WilCo Iris, represent LGBTQ+ students and allies across all of Williamson County. Their belief is that all schools should be a safe, honest, and supportive space so that all students can be seen, heard, accepted, and loved in an environment where they can learn most effectively. According to a recent study by the Trevor Project (, 45% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, but LGBTQ+ youth who found their school to be LGBTQ-affirming reported lower rates of attempting suicide. It is consistently reported that LGBTQ+ youth have a higher risk of attempted suicide due to how they are marginalized and stigmatized by society, not because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. The position that Mr. Galbreath shared on his Facebook page is a relevant example of harmful, fear-based rhetoric that contributes to such mistreatment. All children deserve protection from bullying, particularly when it’s coming from adults. Bullying from an adult in a position of power and influence in their community is unacceptable.

WSJA and WilCo Iris stand with queer students and families and encourage our community to do the same. They extend an invitation to Mr. Galbreath and all the WCS School Board members to meet with the Wilco Iris student leaders to have a discussion about their experience as queer students in Williamson County schools. Email us at if interested.

WSJA stands for the equality and liberty of students in our schools and community, inclusive of every skin color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or gender identity, and believe that everyone, no matter their personal values, wishes equal treatment and opportunity for each student in Williamson County.

To join WSJA and their partner organizations in their efforts to provide safety and security for all who live and work in Williamson County, visit or email

Williamson Social Justice Alliance: Action Over Silence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed to provide an inclusive community in Williamson County Tennessee that stands with those who don’t have equal opportunities, while striving to amplify their voices. We collaborate with local organizations who are doing important work, and endeavor to fill needs that are not currently being met. We hope to be a source of connection for our community between those needing support and those offering their time and resources. WSJA is not religiously affiliated.

1 According to his Facebook page

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