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Whether you’re here to offer your time and efforts or are looking for resources, we hope you find what you need! Under each tab is a description of how our group is involved in the community, as well as a list of organizations and resources that we partner with or recommend.

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About Us

Williamson Social Justice Alliance: Action Over Silence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed to provide an inclusive community in Williamson County Tennessee that stands with those who don’t have equal opportunities, while striving to amplify their voices. We collaborate with local organizations who are doing important work, and endeavor to fill needs that are not currently being met. We hope to be a source of connection for our community between those needing support and those offering their time and resources. WSJA is not religiously affiliated.

Our Mission Statement

WSJA supports our community by standing for justice and the marginalized, in action rather than remaining silent on the sidelines. We hope to be a part of erasing the margins and be allies of those treated unjustly or those simply needing support. We take the idea of social justice very seriously, in that we hope to live out the belief that we are ALL equal and therefore deserve equal rights and footing.

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Why Join?

We hope that by coming together as a group, we will create a force that facilitates momentum for existing organizations and closes the gap on needs that haven’t yet been met.

We also know how overwhelming it can be to find resources or ways to help, so we hope to address that by coordinating with organizations to easily gather and present ways that you can give or receive support. Send us an email at to get involved. Thanks for visiting!

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